About Heart Nexus

HeartNexus is an organization comprised of U.S. Board Certified cardiologists who believe that cardiac tests provide the signature of one’s heart. To that end, our specialists believe each test, whether EKG, ambulatory (Holter) monitor, echocardiogram, or other non-invasive test, should be interpreted by those with extensive and specialized cardiology training. Our specialists are experienced, leaders in their fields and are nationally recognized for achievement in patient care, teaching and promotion of cardiology standards of care.

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HeartNexus technology enables the provision of interpretive services around the world. Further, this same technology expands patient access to cardiology care, bringing remote interface capability to providers and patients, whether in a clinic, hospital, skilled nursing facility or other venue.

HeartNexus believes in a collaborative approach to quality healthcare, working in conjunction with other clinical providers to bring the best care to patients. HeartNexus often serves as an adjunct to existing cardiology practices, enabling the expansion of care and services.

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